Tuesday, November 4, 2008

You're a mean one, Mrs. Grinch


Apparently some uber mean lady thought it would be both entertaining and politically savvy to refuse treats on Halloween night to children whose parents were planning on voting for Obama. As if taking up room in their bags with a gigantic fricking door knob hanger sporting "McCain/Palin" wouldn't be annoying enough, she's going to refuse innocent children who can't even vote the right to have candy? Wow man. Just wow.

Congrats to the guy who handed out candy to everyone, even if he made it political too. Halloween's not about politics, people. Historically it's not really about handing out candy to children either, but this is America, and this is our distortion of a pagan holiday, so stop being grinches out there, open up your hearts a little, and let the poor kids have candy the one night of the year when they actually work for it!

I couldn't resist blogging this one...people who are mean to kids for no reason really tick me off.

Overheard on chat...Election Day...totally off topic

Jon: but yeah do you ever watch NCIS?
Jon: if you do or don't I met Abbi, the goth chick in the lab. I just sent you a pic
me: dude I'm jealous, she's hawt
Jon: you see my pics?
me: yessah
Jon: hehe...ok that's not really her, that's a good friend of mine who dressed up as her for halloween
but she dressed like that and looked JUST like her before the show ever came on
me: purr
Jon: we've been dating 15 years
me: ...what?
Jon: I asked her out in 6th grade...she said yes...we never broke up
me: lmao
Jon: so I call her my cheating whore
me: ...very romantic.